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Outdoor Water Use Efficiency Program Customer Survey Results


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On November 20, 2019, the Board authorized the development of the new Outdoor Water Use Efficiency Program (Program) that includes restructuring of existing programs, a comprehensive marketing campaign, and the addition of on-bill financing.  Customers will apply for the Program through a new EMWD microsite, and staff will work with customers directly to streamline the process.


A key component of the Program involves implementation of a comprehensive marketing and outreach campaign to increase conservation program activity levels, respond to customer needs and promote a holistic approach to landscape transformation. On July 15, 2020, the Board approved and authorized a two-year contract with NV5 for Water Conservation Marketing and Outreach Services in an amount not-to-exceed $447,528.


On October 22, 2020 NV5 and its subconsultant, Luth Research, launched a quantitative survey to gauge residential customers’ perceptions of the Program and conduct a comprehensive data collection and analysis to develop a holistic understanding of the communities within EMWD’s service area. Survey findings will be used to guide the overarching marketing and public outreach strategy to make the Program easy for customers to understand and enhance participation.  The 10-minute survey was available in English and Spanish, and a sample of 302 interviews were conducted across EMWD’s five divisions to gain an understanding of its diverse customers across multiple cities and communitiesStatistically significant results indicated that interest in the Program varied across EMWD Divisions and that, overall, the Program was received positively.


Key findings, recommendations, and detailed results are included in the PowerPoint presentation and comprehensive Outdoor Water Use Efficiency Program Evaluation (Exhibit A), December 2020.

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Water Use Efficiency: Promote efficient use of water resources through the implementation of industry-leading programs and practices combined with customer education and awareness.



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