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Oct 7, 2020 9:00 AM

Change Orders to Specifications


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Six change orders were executed this period in a cumulative amount representing $492,551.  The three largest are summarized below:


The Mountain Avenue West Replenishment Basin project had an additive change order in the amount of $251,472, which was the largest this month. In order to meet the monitoring requirements of the State, one of the Multi-Port Wells was relocated off the replenishment basin site. The relocated Multi-Port Well is adjacent to District Well 90, which is approximately 1,400 lineal feet to the north of the replenishment basin site.


The Perris II Desalination Facility project had an additive change order in the amount of $160,831.  The change order includes ten itemsThe largest line items are summarized below:


·         $54,323 to locate a total of 10 existing utilities, that were either not shown or not shown accurately on the Contract Drawings. This was primarily within the Riverside County Flood Control easement. Per field direction, the contractor tracked the additional potholing effort on a Time and Material basis. In addition, the contractor estimated production inefficiencies, coordination, and as-built efforts due to lowering the 20-inch reverse osmosis pipeline profile.

·         $29,066 to lengthen the cast-in-place junction structure to the west 3-feet 8-inches so that the manhole can be placed in the parking area outside the v-gutterWhen potholing for the existing 48-inch storm drain line that ties into the new junction structure, it was found that the line was not as shown on the as-builts.

·         $25,000 for the February 2020 shutdown of the existing Menifee Brine Pump Station when it was discovered that the existing discharge valve would not fully close.  As a result of this, the temporary pumping system could not be removed as planned and resulted in extra work for the contractor.  Temporary piping was reconnected so that the final tie-in could be completed at a later date.  The work was completed on a time and material basis. 


The Temecula Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility Boiler Installation project had an additive change order in the amount of $47,365 that included a deductive line item.  The largest line item includes $51,000 for an issue that identified that the Membrane Filtrate piping would back-flow into the Membrane Equipment Pit from the Chlorine Contact Basin during the Temecula Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility Plant 3 Expansion start-up of the Membrane systemA design was created by the Engineer for the Plant 3 Expansion to address the issue by adding a check valve at the Contact Chlorine Basin/36-inch Membrane Filtrate connection.  After review of the proposal, the Plant 3 Expansion contractor, Archer Western Contractors, elected to not perform the work.  The potential risk for Operations existed, so it was agreed by Operations/Engineering to solicit the work by the Boiler contractor SCW Contracting Corporation.

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