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Approve and Authorize Two-Year Agreements for As-Needed Corrosion Protection Services in the Full-Term, Not-To-Exceed Total of $470,000


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On July 27, 2020, the District received Statements of Qualifications under Request for Qualifications (RFQ) No. 3295 for As-Needed Corrosion Protection Services. A total of nine firms responded to the solicitation. These agreements are recommended for the purpose of retaining qualified consultants and issuing assignments in a timely manner. Funds for the recommended services are provided through approved project funding.


Corrosion evaluation and assessment includes work performed in conjunction with new construction as well as with existing pipelines and other District facilities. Consultants provide the necessary design to implement materials, structures, devices, or systems (such as cathodic protection systems) to manage and preserve facilities within the installed environment and extend their useful life.  Increasing system reliability and reducing replacement costs is the desired outcome for corrosion protection services.  Additionally, recommended consultants assist District staff in selecting materials, conducting corrosion control surveys, corrosion test station monitoring, corrosion assessment, failure analysis, as well as coating and construction inspection.




The District follow a systematic, qualifications based, selection process in establishing these agreements. The firms responding to RFQ No. 3295 were evaluated by a cross-functional team of District staff based on the following criteria:


1.      Firms Qualifications and Experience

2.      Experience and Qualifications of Assigned Personnel

3.      Approach and Understanding Related to Corrosion Protection Services

4.      Availability

5.      Price/Payment Terms

6.      Exceptions Taken to RFQ

7.      Local Office


Per the table below, those firms recommended to perform services over the next two-year term are Cathodic Dynamics, Incorporated of Mira Loma, California, HDR Engineering, Incorporated of Riverside, California, and V&A Consulting Engineers, Incorporated of San Diego, California.


Firm Name



Cathodic Dynamics, Inc.

Mira Loma, California


HDR Engineering, Inc.

Riverside, California


V&A Consulting, Inc.

San Diego, California




Contract term to date, the District has utilized approximately $304,000 against the existing agreements within this category of service, with no additional spending anticipated through contract expiration on October 31, 2020The District’s Engineering Department anticipates increased expenditures over the coming two-year period due an extensive list of planned projects.  These projects include:


·         Perris North - Cactus Corridor Pipelines

·         San Jacinto Valley 33 and 39” Raw Water Feeder

·         San Jacinto Valley 54” and 60” Raw Water Feeder

·         Goetz Road Tank Transmission Pipeline

·         Ridgemoor Road 24” Transmission Pipeline

·         Valley Boulevard 24” Brackish Water Transmission Pipeline

·         Valley Boulevard 36” Potable Water Transmission Pipeline

·         State Street Pipeline Replacement

·         Sun City Leaky Pipe Replacement Phase 2

·         Judson Street Tank

·         Judson Street Offsite Pipelines

·         Various Booster Station Replacements and Tank Recoating Projects

·         Winchester Recycled Water Pipeline


Contract Management:


Work conducted pursuant to the recommended agreements will be performed in accordance with each consultants schedule of fees submitted in response to RFQ No. 3295. Invoices are reviewed for accuracy by both Engineering and Contracts staff to ensure compliance with contractual terms and conditions of the recommended agreements.


Total expenditures under the full two-year term of all agreements shall not exceed $470,000 and shall be issued on an as-needed basis, in accordance with District policy.


Financial/Strat Plan/Enviro


As-needed corrosion engineering services will be financed individually from the Operating Fixed Assets Budget or the Capital Improvement Program Budget.



Maintenance: Implement and manage preventative and predictive maintenance programs that enable a highly reliable operation of EMWD’s facilities and extend the useful life of assets.





Approve and authorize two-year As-Needed Corrosion Protection Service Agreements in the full-term, not-to-exceed category total of $470,000.

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Sep 24, 2020 3:30 PM  Board Operations and Engineering Committee Regular Meeting
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Oct 7, 2020 9:00 AM  Board of Directors Regular Meeting
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