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Approve and Authorize Acquisition of a Portion of Assessor Parcel Number (APN) 432-260-023 in the City of San Jacinto, and Appropriation in the Amount of $640,000


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The San Jacinto Valley Raw Water Conveyance Facilities Project, Phase I (Project) is an element of the San Jacinto Valley Water Banking Enhanced Recharge and Recovery Program (SJVWB-ERRP), which supplements current and future water supplies by recharging imported water in the local groundwater basin.  Phase I of the Project consists of the EM-25 service connection, flow control facility, chlorination facility, and approximately 2.25 miles of 60-inch diameter raw water transmission pipeline.  The Phase 1 pipeline will terminate with an interconnection to the existing San Jacinto Valley Feeder at the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Kirby Street.


Staff identified a portion of APN 432-260-023 as a suitable location for the future flow and chlorination facilities (Property).  The Property is a 2.157-acre rectangular shaped parcel which is a portion of a 56.19-acre parcel located on the northeast corner of West Esplanade Avenue and North Warren Road in the City of San Jacinto.  The guiding zone for the Property, as part of the Esplanade Specific Plan, is Commercial General.  This zoning may allow a wide range of retail sales and business, professional, and personal services that are accessible to transit corridors.


The Property was appraised for the purpose of determining the fair market value.  As an unimproved parcel, the sales comparison approach was determined to be the most appropriate valuation method.  This method relies on sales, listings or escrow of unimproved properties or those purchased at their underlying land value, and which have similar development potential to the subject, and compares them to the subject.  After making adjustment for both transactional and physical considerations, the fair market value of the Property was determined to be $517,000.  An offer was made by EMWD and the property owner has agreed to sell the property for $500,000 per negotiations.


Staff is requesting authorization to acquire the Property, close escrow with the concurrence of due diligence recommendations, administrative award authorization to enter into contracts to survey and secure the Property and provide controlled access, and appropriation of $640,000 to fund the acquisition and associated activities as presented in Exhibit A.

Financial/Strat Plan/Enviro


This project will be financed from the General District Restricted Water System Expansion Fund.



Water Supply Diversity and Reliability: Develop and implement a portfolio of projects and management techniques to achieve a reliable and cost-effective balance of water supplies utilizing imported, local and recycled water sources.



This project is subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  In conformance with the California Code of Regulations Title 14, Chapter 3, Section 15004, the appropriate environmental document will be prepared when “meaningful information” becomes available.


1.              Authorize the General Manager, or his designee, to execute the Purchase and Sale Agreement for a portion of APN 432-260-023;


2.              Authorize the Director of Engineering Services, or his designee, to take such actions as are necessary to implement and administer the Purchase and Sale Agreement; and


3.              Appropriation of funds in the amount of $640,000 to fund the costs associated with the acquisition.

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Feb 13, 2020 3:30 PM  Board Planning Committee Regular Meeting
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Feb 19, 2020 3:00 PM  Board of Directors Special Meeting
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MOVER:Randy A. Record, Board Member
SECONDER:David J. Slawson, Board Member
YES:Ronald W. Sullivan, Philip E. Paule, Stephen J. Corona, Randy A. Record, David J. Slawson