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I.                                 Updates from the November 15, 2019 Weekly Report


a.       State Senate Oversight Hearing on Electric Utility Power Shutoffs:  On November 18, 2019, the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications held a special oversight hearing to address state-wide issues regarding the electric utilities practices on Public Safety Power Shutoff events.  The hearing included invited testimony from representatives of the water industry who focused on operational challenges and financial impacts posed by power shutoffs and the potential implications to public safety. Information was provided regarding estimated water utility rate-payer costs to retrofit pump stations with emergency generators; including information regarding EMWD’s service area which was incorporated into testimony provided by Las Virgines Municipal Water District General Manager, David Petersen. Requests were made for financial support from the State for water agencies to retrofit facilities and concern was expressed that the initial $75 million General Fund appropriation by the Legislature for financial assistance was limited to state, county and incorporated city government, not special districts.


II.                              Past and On-going Activities


a.      North Perris Basin Groundwater Basin Program Update:  On October 15, 2019, staff and President Sullivan met with Western Municipal Water District (WMWD) representatives to present a proposal for WMWD’s potential participation in the $73 million groundwater recovery and treatment project.  The proposed project will provide an estimated 6,700 AF per year local water supply and help address rising groundwater conditions in the vicinity of the March Air Reserve Base (MARB). On November 12, 2019, staff received a response from WMWD with a counter-proposal for their participation in the project.  That counter-proposal is under review by staff.  Concurrently, staff and WMWD representatives will be holding a meeting and briefing with MARB commander Colonel Melissa Coburn on November 25, 2019, to provide additional background on the project and summarize our needed support from MARB and the U.S. Air Force for project implementation.  Staff will also brief Colonel Coburn on the district and provide a tour of our Headquarters facilities.


b.      Meeting with State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Regarding SB 414 (Caballero):  On November 8, 2019, representatives of EMWD, the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) and Senator Caballero’s office participated in a several hours meeting with SWRCB staff and counsel to review in detail SWRCB proposed amendments to SB 414.  The meeting was very positive and EMWD special counsel and staff are in the process of re-drafting the legislation.  Also, on November 8, 2019, staff met with SWRCB Chair Joaquin Esquivel to discuss progress on SB 414, water affordability, SB 200 implementation and other issues.


III.                             Items of Interest to the Board


a.      Submittal of Application for SB 200 Advisory Group:  To provide oversight for the implementation of the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund established under SB 200 to assist failing water systems in disadvantaged communities, the SWRCB is forming a formal Advisory Group.  The group is to be made up of select representatives from the water industry, technical assistance providers, local agencies, nongovernmental organizations, residents of systems serving disadvantaged communities and the public.  The Advisory Group will assist the State with the development and implementation of the Fund Expenditure Plan for the approximately $130 million per year in available revenue for the program.  To support EMWD and the water industry, and ensure funds are being expended effectively, an application was submitted for my participation in the group.  The application process required 10 listed supporters, and we were pleased to secure backing from a local Congressman, the State Senator, Board of Supervisors member, ACWA, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Metropolitan Water District and others.  The selection process is currently underway, and the first meeting of the Advisory Group is December 12, 2019.


IV.                            Operational Highlights


a.      Groundwater Replenishment and Storage of Imported Water:  Year-to-date the District has recharged 17,200 AF of imported Soboba Settlement water from MWD including “predeliveries” of 5,618 AF for 2021.  At the current rate of recharge, 2021 deliveries will be completed before the end of the calendar year.  Under the MWD Cyclic Storage Credit program initiated in August 2019, the District has stored 3,480 AF through in-lieu recharge.


b.      Potable Water Production and Demands:  Water consumption was at 120 MGD.  The potable supply blend was 6 percent from potable wells, four percent from the Desalters, 18 percent from imported raw water treated at EMWD's plants, and 72 percent from imported, treated water.


c.       Water Filtration Facilities:  The Perris Water Filtration Plant (PWFP) produced 18.6 MGD.  The Hemet Water Filtration Plant (HWFP) produced 3.4 MGD.


d.      Menifee and Perris I Desalters:  The Menifee and Perris I Desalters produced 5 MGD.


e.      San Diego Pipeline #4 Shutdown:  San Diego County Water Authority removed the two bulkheads from Pipeline #4 thereby completing the project.  The pipeline was placed back in service on November 10, 2019.  MWD has scheduled another unrelated shutdown for Pipeline #4 from December 8 through December 18, 2019, for the purposes of installing a new flow meter and conducting pipeline inspection.


f.        Recycled Water: The average daily demands were 34 MGD. Tertiary recycled water storage is at 490 MG, or 26 percent of total capacity.


g.      Wastewater Treatment Facilities:  All four regional water reclamation facilities (RWRFs) met their water quality objectives for the past week treating a total daily average of 44.9 MG.


V.                  Upcoming Meetings and Events


a.      11/20/19:              Murrieta/Wildomar Economic Outlook (Paule)

b.      11/21/19:              Executive Committee (Slawson/Sullivan)

c.       11/21/19:              DVL Implementation Committee (Slawson/Sullivan)




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