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Approve and Authorize Administrative Award of Contracts for the Perris II Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility Monitoring and Reporting Plan Pilot Study, and Appropriation of $179,815


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The Perris II Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility (ROTF) and its associated desalter wells located within the Lakeview and Perris South management zones in the West San Jacinto Groundwater Basin (Project Area) are being advanced to prevent migration of contamination, restore beneficial uses, and expand local water supply reliability. The Perris II ROTF Monitoring and Reporting Plan (MRP) Pilot Study has been defined to support the implementation of the Perris II ROTF (Exhibit A).


The District was awarded a grant by the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) that will provide up to $22,498,250 in funding for the Perris II ROTF. As a condition of the grant agreement with SWRCB, the District will prepare a MRP that defines baseline and long-term groundwater quality monitoring requirements and allows for the performance of the Perris II ROTF to be assessed.


The MRP establishes a monitoring well network which includes existing wells where probe instruments/sondes will be used for water quality profiling. The District is proposing to utilize both TDS and nitrate as intrinsic tracers for the contaminants of concern.  The sondes technology allows for monitoring multiple water quality parameters simultaneously including TDS and nitrate, making it a cost effective alternative to the discrete sampling methods used historically.


The Pilot Study is an interim step in the MRP to demonstrate the applicability of the sonde technology for plume delineation and long-term monitoring in wells screened across multiple aquifers. The MRP Pilot Study will consist of testing sondes at two existing well sites located within the Project Area.  Real-time results will be collected and used to create a water quality profile through the depth of the wells. Groundwater samples will also be collected at discrete depths in the wells. The water quality profiles will be analyzed and compared to laboratory results for the groundwater samples to validate the sondes monitoring approach.  The goal of the MRP Pilot Study is to receive approval from the SWRCB to proceed with the sondes technology for the long-term MRP.


Funding for the MRP preparation was allocated as part of the Perris II ROTF; however, since the level of effort for the Pilot Study had not been defined, the Perris II ROTF did not include funding for the Pilot Study. An appropriation of $179,815 is requested to implement the MRP Pilot Study for the following:


·         Staff labor

·         Equipment and materials

·         Laboratory analysis

·         Sampling rig and equipment for the field demonstrations (contractor)

·         Field support and Pilot Study report preparation (consultant)


The cost breakdown is provided in Exhibit B.  The MRP Pilot Study is scheduled to be conducted in November 2019 and the associated report completed by March 2020.

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This project will be appropriated as part of the Perris II Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility Project and is eligible for grant funding.



Water Quality Management: Achieve improved water quality through cost effective supply management, source control, treatment of impaired waters, and salinity management to maximize utilization of recycled water and local water resources.





Approve and authorize administrative award of contracts necessary for completing the Perris II ROTF MRP Pilot Study; and appropriation of $179,815.


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Oct 30, 2019 7:30 AM  Board Planning Committee Regular Meeting
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Nov 20, 2019 9:00 AM  Board of Directors Regular Meeting
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