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Approve and Authorize Acquisition of Easements (Assessor Parcel Numbers 481-020-028 and 481-020-040) in the City of Moreno Valley, Advancement of Well 65 Pipeline Construction, and Additional Appropriation of $227,000


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The Wells 65 and 66 Equipping and Treatment Facilities Project will provide a new source of water supply via new groundwater production wells in the Perris North Groundwater Management Area. The proposed facilities will be located along Ironwood Avenue in the city of Moreno Valley (Exhibit A), adjacent to the proposed Moreno Valley Business Park.


On September 5, 2018, the Board approved and authorized a land exchange agreement with Moreno Valley Festival, Ltd / LCG MVBP, LLC, (Developer) whereby the District acquired the site of the proposed Well 66 and centralized wellhead treatment facility.  Thereafter, a RightofEntry agreement was executed, allowing the Developer to perform grading activities adjacent to and within District properties.  At the request of the District, the Developer will perform additional grading to District property in exchange for reimbursement in the nottoexceed amount of $41,000.


The District’s Real Property Staff initiated negotiations to acquire necessary easements along the boundaries of Assessor Parcels 481-020-040 and 481-020-028. The easement areas on the northern boundaries of the subject parcels total approximately 28,904 square feet.  The proposed easements will accommodate: (1) the District’s pipeline that will convey raw water from Well 65 to the centralized wellhead treatment facility, and (2) maintenance access. The Developer has agreed to grant all required easements and staff is currently finalizing the acquisition terms and conditions. The Developer and District have agreed that the total cost of the easements shall not exceed the appraised value of $126,000.


On July 31, 2019, PAR 2019/075 authorized $90,750 to advance the expedited implementation of the Well 65 raw water pipeline in order to facilitate its completion in coordination with and prior to construction of the Developer’s improvements. The project cost estimate has been updated to fund the easement acquisition, pipeline construction by District forces, and other project related expenses to complete the project (Exhibit B), bringing the total appropriation to $317,750.

Financial/Strat Plan/Enviro


This project will be financed from the Service Area No. 41 (Moreno Valley/Perris Valley/Menifee) Replacement and System Betterment Construction Reserve.



Water Supply Diversity and Reliability: Develop and implement a portfolio of projects and management techniques to achieve a reliable and cost-effective balance of water supplies utilizing imported, local and recycled water sources.



This project is subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and in conformance of California Code of Regulations Title 14, Chapter 3, Article 6, Section 15070, et seq., a Notice of Intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration was filed with the County of Riverside in April 2014.  Pursuant to State Guideline §15073, the IS/MND was made available for public review for a period of 30 days beginning April 30, 2014, and concluded May 30, 2014.  The Mitigated Negative Declaration was adopted by the EMWD Board of Directors on July 2, 2014.  Pursuant to State Guideline §15075, the Notice of Determination was filed with the County of Riverside on July 3, 2014.


Approve and authorize the following:


1.              Execution by the General Manager, or his designee, of documents necessary to finalize the acquisition of easements within Assessor Parcels 481-020-040 and 481-020-028 for not-to-exceed amount of $126,000;


2.              Execution by the General Manager, or his designee, of the amendment to the Right-of-Entry agreement;


3.              Administrative award and execution by the General Manager of the District’s standard form of contracts with the necessary consultants and suppliers for construction and implementation of the Well 65 Raw Water Pipeline Project; and


4.              Additional appropriation of $227,000, which brings the total estimated project cost to $317,750.

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Oct 22, 2019 3:30 PM  Board Operations and Engineering Committee Regular Meeting
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Nov 6, 2019 9:00 AM  Board of Directors Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Philip E. Paule, Vice President
SECONDER:Stephen J. Corona, Board Member
YES:Ronald W. Sullivan, Philip E. Paule, Stephen J. Corona, David J. Slawson
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