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Approve and Authorize the Addition of Funds to Agreement No. 107482 with Babcock Laboratories, Incorporated, for a Revised Not-to-Exceed Total of $1,840,000


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On June 7, 2017, the Board of Directors approved and authorized a five-year agreement in the full-term amount of $805,000 with Babcock Laboratories, Incorporated, (Babcock) of Riverside, California, to perform analytical laboratory services in accordance with Request for Proposals (RFP) No. 2897.


Contracted laboratory services support District staff in the testing and analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and groundwater.  Under the existing agreement, Babcock performs several routine and recurring laboratory services meeting defined standards and performance criteria, as well as provides specialized, highly technical, analysis, consulting, and reporting on an asneeded basis. Services include analytical tests and preparation of reports for Title 22 compliance and domestic water quality monitoring, as well as those required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and sanitary sewer discharge permits.


Over the initial two-years of the subject agreement, increased expenditures have been realized due to the following factors:


Laboratory Renovation


At the time of contract award in June 2017, anticipated costs were based on an estimated $535,000 for routine organics testing and $270,000 for outside laboratory support during facility renovations at the District’s headquarters.  Initial plans consisted of only a partial closure of the District’s laboratory with contracted support provided under the subject agreement.  Subsequent to award, however, recommendations for full closure were advanced to simplify the construction process and accelerate facility renovations.  Accordingly, utilization of the Babcock Laboratories agreement was expanded to cover the full scope of District testing requirements throughout the construction period.


New Regulatory Requirements


Regulatory standards and monitoring requirements for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) have increased since contract inception.  PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that include Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctance Sulfonate (PFOS).  As a result of the PFOA and PFOS regulatory levels, the District has been performing additional PFOA and PFOS testing in response to State requirements, as well as implementing a voluntary enhanced monitoring program consistent with the District’s strategic priority of ensuring that all water supplies are in full compliance with all applicable Federal and State water quality standards for the protection of the health and safety of the communityThe analytical methods used for PFOA and PFOS testing are highly specialized and Babcock is one of only a few laboratories in California that are certified to perform these analyses.


Project Related Work


Several projects have contributed to increased laboratory monitoring and testing:


·         Development of a Nutrient Loading and Treatment Assessment.  The Nutrient Loading and Treatment Assessment is a wastewater process model that requires quality data to calibrate each process within the wastewater treatment facility.  The model will be used for process control, as well as determining future expansion requirements.  This effort is beyond what current District staff can support and requires additional contract laboratory services.

·         Testing of new wells.  New well start-ups require full chemical and biological testing.  Title 22 requirements include organics and radiological testing that the District’s laboratory cannot conduct.

·         Perris II Monitoring and Reporting Plan (MRP).  The Perris II MRP is required for grant funding compliance for the Perris II Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility.  The MRP requires monitoring for perchlorate and PFAS in wells throughout the study area on a scheduled frequency.  The District’s laboratory is not equipped to perform these analyses.

·         Temecula Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility (TVRWRF) expansion. Additional monitoring is required for the TVRWRF expansion due to the separation of sampling locations from plants 1 and 2.  Quarterly and annual sampling are required for organic analyses that the District’s laboratory is not equipped to perform.


Summary of Revised Expenditures through Contract Expiration – June 30, 2022



Original Contract Budget

Revised Contract Budget

Laboratory Services During Construction/Renovation



Testing Requirements



Project Related Work










Financial/Strat Plan/Enviro


Funding for this item is provided through individually approved Capital Improvement Projects, and through each fiscal year’s operating budget.



Water Quality: Ensure EMWD’s water distribution systems are in full compliance with all applicable Federal and State water quality standards.





Approve and authorize the addition of funds to Agreement No. 107482 with Babcock Laboratories, Incorporated, in the revised, full-term, not-to-exceed total of $1,840,000.

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