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I.                                 Updates from the April 12, 2019 Weekly Report


a.      EPA National Action Plan for Water Reuse - April 18, 2019, Workshop:  The Office of Water at the U.S. Environment Protection Agency is developing a National Action Plan for Water Reuse to focus on the federal government’s role in advancing water recycling for municipal and agricultural irrigation, on-site, industrial and potable uses. To facilitate the development of the plan, the WateReuse Association has organized two, full-day workshops facilitated by the Meridian Group that will include EPA staff and 45 multidisciplinary experts in water reuse from around the country.  To help sponsor the workshops and broaden national interest, the WaterReuse Association has partnered with the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the Water Environment Foundation and the American Water Works Association. The first workshop is in Los Angeles on April 18, 2019, with the second workshop scheduled for May 9, 2019, in Alexandria, Virginia. EMWD will be participating in the Los Angeles workshop.  The deliverable from the workshops will be a summary of recommendations for federal support to advance recycled water nationally in the areas of technology implementation, regulatory and policy reform and financial incentives.   The report will be provided to the EPA in early June for their use in completing the plan during the summer. EPA intends to release the National Action Plan this September at the 34th Annual WateReuse Symposium.


II.                              Past and On-going Activities


a.      SB 414 (Caballero) - Small System Water Authority Act of 2019: Staff and the District’s Sacramento advocates continue to advance the District’s legislation regarding governance reforms for small failing water systems with persistent drinking water violations. SB 414, which is co-sponsored by EMWD and the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) passed unanimously (7-0) out of both the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on March 27, 2019, and the Senate Environmental Quality Committee on April 3, 2019.  The bill is undergoing some minor constructive amendments and is currently scheduled to be heard in the Appropriations Committee on April 22, 2019.  The author is waiving presentation and the bill will be placed in the suspense file as is the typical practice. The bill currently has 34 registered supporters and five Oppose Unless Amended positions taken by environmental justice organizations based upon complexity of the bill and requirements for the State Water Resources Control Board to take timely actions.


III.                            Items of Interest to the Board


a.      Request to California Air Resources Board for Rule Change for Emergency Generators:  EMWD is working with a coalition of 30 agencies to request the California Air Resources Board (CARB) amend its Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) rule to allow additional flexibility for testing and maintenance of emergency back-up generators for water system facilities that provide fire protection.  The specific request is for an ATCM amendment to recognize the rigorous generating testing protocol endorsed by the National Fire Protection Association.  Currently, the ATCM recognizes this protocol for testing of private fire protection systems but does not include a similar provision for emergency back-up generators that are designated to provide emergency power to critical water facilities.  If successful, the proposed revision would recognize public agencies’ operational and testing requirements for these emergency generators. A similar request has been made of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for an amendment to Rule 1470 to address this concern, however, SCAQMD has indicated that an initial CARB rule amendment would be required.


b.      Groundwater Replenishment Activities in Hemet-San Jacinto Basin: Staff has restored the operation of the Integrated Recharge and Recovery (IRRP) Ponds and is currently recharging 25 cfs of imported water from MWD.  Year-to-date recharge of imported water is 1,814 acre-feet, with 2,268 acre-feet remaining to get the average 7,500 acrefoot Soboba Settlement delivery level for 2019.  If MWD chooses to continue Soboba Settlement deliveries for the balance of the calendar year, staff estimates a total of 22,500 acre-feet of water could be recharged.  Work continues to fully restore the Grant Avenue ponds and regulatory permits are being sought to reestablish the diversion structure and channel from the San Jacinto River into the Grant Avenue Ponds. Prior to the February flood events, the San Jacinto River diversions to the Grant Avenue Ponds totaled 1,463 acre-feet.


c.       MWD Approves Program to Capture Surplus Imported Water:  On April 9, 2019, the MWD Board of Directors authorized a program to facilitate the capture and storage of additional surplus imported water by its member agenciesThe program provides member agencies the ability to take excess imported water into surface reservoirs or aquifers and receive a rate reduction credit of up to $225/AF, and the ability to delay payment for the water until it is extracted and usedEMWD staff are evaluating projected demands and program economics to determine how much water the District may want take under the program. In addition, staff has met with Rancho California Water District (RCWD) to determine the amount of water RCWD may want to take under both the new MWD in-lieu program and RCWD’s existing raw water cyclic storage agreement with EMWD and MWD.


d.      Potential Niagara Water Bottling Facility in EMWD’ Service Area:  Staff has been working with the Niagara Water regarding the potential location of a water treatment and bottling facility in the District’s service area.  Niagara is currently considering alternative locations in the City of Menifee and in the unincorporated County area of Mead Valley.  The facility would potentially be constructed in two phases; with the initial phase requiring 1.1 million gallons per day of water supply and the second phase requiring up to 2.85 million gallons per day. Staff has provided Niagara Financial Participation Charge (FPC) fee projections and other relevant information for water and wastewater service connections.  Niagara has questioned the calculation of the District’s fees. To reconcile this issue, the District has agreed to engage a third party independent consultant to review the fee methodology at Niagara’s initial expense.  Should Niagara ultimately choose to locate in the service area, the District would credit Niagara half of the cost of the study toward future District financial obligations. Staff estimates the study should take approximately four weeks to complete upon execution of an agreement with Niagara.


IV.                            Operational Highlights


a.      Potable Water Production and Demands:  Water consumption was at 92 MGD.  The potable supply blend was 10 percent from potable wells, eight percent from the Desalters, 20 percent from imported raw water treated at EMWD's plants, and 62 percent from imported, treated water.


b.      Water Filtration Facilities:  The Perris Water Filtration Plant (PWFP) produced 14.5 MGD.  The Hemet Water Filtration Plant (HWFP) produced 3.9 MGD.


c.       Menifee and Perris I Desalters:  The Menifee and Perris I Desalters produced 6.9 MGD.


d.      Recycled Water:  The average daily demands were 32 MGD.  Tertiary recycled water storage is at 1,922 MG, or 84 percent of total capacity.


e.      Wastewater Treatment Facilities:  All four regional water reclamation facilities (RWRFs) met their water quality objectives for the past week treating a total daily average of 46.4 MG. 


V.                  Upcoming Meetings and Events


a.      4/19/19:              Hemet-San Jacinto Action Group - Water Issues (Record/Paule)

b.      4/23/19:              EMWD Executive Committee (Slawson/Sullivan)

c.       4/25/19:              Murrieta Municipal Services Review (Sullivan)

d.      2/25/19:              EMWD Operations and Engineering Committee (Slawson/Sullivan)

e.      4/26/19:              Riverside County Water Task Force (Slawson/Sullivan/Paule)

f.        4/26/19:              SCWC Quarterly Luncheon in Carson (Paule)



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