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Approve and Authorize an Agreement with Environmental Science Associates ($209,553) for the Goetz Road Tank and Pipeline Project Environmental Impact Report, and Appropriation of $209,553


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Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) proposes to construct and operate an eight million gallon (MG) potable water tank to address a number of storage deficiencies in the 1627 pressure zone as identified in EMWD’s Water Facilities Master Plan (WFMP). The proposed Goetz Road Tank (Project) would be constructed on a 2.85‐acre parcel (owned by EMWD) located on the northwest corner of Goetz Road and Sotelo Road in the city of Menifee.


The Project also includes the construction and operation of a new transmission pipeline to connect the tank to the existing 1627 transmission pipeline within Murrieta Road (Exhibit A). The pipeline would extend approximately 5,490 feet along Thornton Avenue from the proposed tank site to Murrieta Road.


The Project was originally proposed as a 13.4 MG tank and pipeline project. An Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration was prepared by KS Dunbar (October 2015) and circulated for public review. AB 52 tribal consultation was also initiated at that time. Nine public and agency comments were received including concerns expressed over aesthetic impacts of the tank. The requirement for the preparation of an EIR was identified and subsequently a Notice of Preparation was circulated for public review in November 2015. Six comments were received from agencies and local citizens with concerns regarding impacts on views, shade/shadow impacts, impacts on air quality, risk of tank failure, general constructionrelated impacts to area residents (e.g. noise, vibration, air quality and traffic), impacts on local roads and bike lanes, and consistency with the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan. The District proceeded to study alternative tank sites. A shade analysis was prepared as well as draft visual simulations for the tank. 


In 2017, the 1627 Zone Tank Siting study was finalized for EMWD by Albert A. Webb Associates. The original 2.85 acre tank site was ranked highest among the 21 sites evaluated in the study. Subsequently, West Yost Associates prepared the Goetz Road Tank Siting Hydraulic Analysis Technical Memorandum in October 2018, and evaluated the top ranked sites that were identified in Webb’s 2017 tank siting study. Four alternatives were evaluated for siting the new storage tank. Based on the results of the hydraulic evaluation, splitting storage at the Goetz Road and Sun City tank sites was identified as the hydraulically preferred alternative.


The eight MG tank at the Goetz Road site and associated transmission pipeline are proposed for development under the current phase of the WFMP, and will be carried forward for continuation of review under CEQA.


On January 15, 2019, EMWD requested proposals to prepare an EIR from two environmental consulting firms on EMWD’s list of approved consultants for As-Needed Environmental Services.  On January 24, 2019, proposals were received from Environmental Science Associates (ESA) and Helix Environmental Planning, Incorporated. 


After evaluating the proposals through a detailed rating and selection process, the review panel, composed of Engineering and Environmental and Regulatory Compliance staff, identified ESA’s as the highest ranking proposal for performing the work.  The consultant selection summary and ranking is presented as Exhibit B, including cost.  Staff concluded that while Helix provided a lower-budget approach, ESA provided a better understanding of the project and proposed an approach that was more comprehensive and consistent with District requirements.  ESA proposes to complete the EIR process within eight months.


Staff recommends that the Board approve the agreement with ESA as the CEQA consultant and authorize appropriation in the amount of $209,553 to fund all tasks required to prepare the Draft and Final EIR and supporting technical studies, as detailed in Exhibit C.

Financial/Strat Plan/Enviro


This project will be financed from the Service Area 41 (Moreno Valley/Perris Valley/Menifee).  General District's Restricted Water Tank Fund.



Water Supply and System Redundancy: Develop adaptable buffer supplies, water storage and delivery system improvements to manage uncertain supply delivery conditions and emergency outages.



This project is subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  An Environmental Impact Report will be prepared in conformance with the California Code of Regulations Title 14, Chapter 3, Article 7, Section 15080 to 15097, and Article 9, Sections 15120 to 15132 of the CEQA Guidelines.


Approve and authorize agreement with Environmental Science Associates in the amount of $209,553 for preparation of the Goetz Road Tank and Pipeline Project Environmental Impact Report and appropriation in the amount of $209,553.

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