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Review Current Recycled Water Allocation Methodology and Authorize a One Year Extension of the Existing Recycled Water User Agreements


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For the last several years the District has implemented a Recycled Water Allocation and Demand Management Plan for the purpose of maximizing beneficial use of its limited recycled water supplies.  Since 2014, EMWD has sold over 98 percent of all available recycled water pointing to the importance of maintaining a proactive demand management program. 


Staff has developed annual allocations and maximum demands for each user for the coming two years.  The resulting Recycled Water Allocation and Demand Management Plan strives to:


·         Determine annual recycled water allocations for each user to ensure supplies are adequate to meet the customer’s needs, and

·         Specify maximum flow rates for users from June through October in order to maximize recycled water sales without exceeding the system’s delivery capabilities


Under current practice, Priority 3 and Priority 4 recycled water users are required to execute a bi-annual Recycled Water User Agreement which sets forth the terms and conditions for receiving recycled service as well as the individual customer’s annual recycled water allocation and maximum demand (e.g. flow rate in gpm).  Staff recently polled the agricultural recycled water users to discuss their current allocation and if they would be open to simply extending the term of their Recycled Water User agreement for an additional year.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.


While the current methodology has served the District and its customers well, staff is constantly looking for ways to improve the practice.  Any changes must be thoroughly vetted to ensure there will be no adverse effects to EMWD’s customers while achieving the strategic goal of utilizing 100 percent of the recycled water produced.  Any such potential improvements will be brought to the Board Planning Committee for consideration at a future date.  For the coming year, staff is proposing that the existing Recycled Water User agreements be extended for a period of twelve monthsAny unused recycled water will be made available to new and existing customers.



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Water Recycling: Implement on-going treatment, storage and distribution system projects and programs to utilize 100 percent of treated effluent for the highest beneficial and sustainable uses possible.





Authorize the General Manager to execute a one-year extension to the existing Recycled Water User Agreements with the understanding that any unused recycled water will be made available to new and existing customers to maximize beneficial use.

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Mar 14, 2019 3:30 PM  Board Planning Committee Regular Meeting
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Mar 20, 2019 9:00 AM  Board of Directors Regular Meeting
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