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I.                                 Updates from the February 15, 2019 Weekly Report


a.      Safe Drinking Water Legislation Introduction This Week:   Pending bill language for the EMWD and California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) co-sponsored legislation being carried by Senator Caballero (D-Salinas) is scheduled for immediate release by Legislative Counsel.  Language will undergo a final review by EMWD staff and the District’s special counsel, and immediately put across the desk by the Senator’s office for introduction and assignment of a bill number this week in advance of the February 22, 2019 bill introduction deadline.  Similarly, this week Senator Caballero will also be introducing the Senate version of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and CMUA sponsored Safe Drinking Water Trust proposal.  An identical is being introduced in the Assembly by Assemblymember Tom Daly (D-Anaheim).  The goal is for the EMWD/CMUA governance bill and the ACWA/CMUA trust funding bill to be packaged by the water industry as a comprehensive, “dual track” approach for providing safe drinking water in disadvantaged communities with failing water systems.


II.                              Past and On-going Activities


a.      City of Menifee Rural Area Groundwater Community Meeting:  On January 22, 2019, District management, engineering and finance staff along with Director Sullivan hosted a community meeting with residents impacted by dry well conditions in the Garbani Road and Wickerd Road area of rural eastern MenifeeThe mayor of the City of Menifee and the City Councilmember representing the area were also in attendance. A follow-up presentation was given regarding construction of new potable water infrastructure and the formation of a Community Facilities District (CFD) to finance the improvements. Residents asked numerous questions and were reminded that non-binding letters of interest were due to the District by February 1, 2019.  Staff informed the residents that should the District receive a sufficient number of executed letters of interest for constructing and financing the facilities (a twothirds vote is required to form the CFD), a recommendation to proceed with the CFD would be brought to the EMWD Board.  Of the 43 properties in the area, the District only received six executed letters of interest; far short of what would be needed to fund the project.  Staff has prepared and is transmitting letters to the City of Menifee and the property owners informing them of the District’s intent not to proceed with the project at this time.


III.                            Items of Interest to the Board


a.      Groundwater Replenishment: Prior to the recent flood events, the San Jacinto River diversions to the Grant Avenue Ponds totaled 1,463 acre-feet of the 5,760 maximum allowable under EMWD’s San Jacinto River Diversion permit.  Unfortunately, the February 14, 2018, severe flooding event in the San Jacinto River watershed caused significant damage to structures and berms at the Grant Avenue Ponds and the Integrated Recharge and Recovery Ponds.   Staff is doing a full assessment and has informed the Watermaster participants and Metropolitan of the damage and our inability to replenish groundwater or take Soboba Settlement deliveries from Metropolitan (which Metropolitan informed us are now available) until repairs are effectuated.  A plan and schedule for the restoration of the facilities will be developed and reviewed with the Planning Committee and Board.


b.      Perris II Desalter Community Meeting:  On February 13, 2019, President Sullivan, staff, EMWD’s design and construction management consultants, and the District’s construction contractor, Kiewit, met with community members near the Perris II Desalter. The meeting was very lightly attended and staff provided a brief project scope and schedule update and contact information.  A representative of the City of Menifee was present and several questions were asked regarding the extension of Valley Blvd and other related matters. Mobilization for the project will begin in March.


c.       State Water Resources Control Board Chair and New Appointment:  Staff is preparing letters of congratulation to State Water Resources Control Board newly appointed Chair, Joaquin Esquivel and new Board Member, Laurel Firestone. Before serving on the State Board, Mr. Esquivel was the Assistant Secretary for federal water policy at the California Natural Resources Agency in the Governor Brown’s Washington, D.C. office. Ms. Firestone is the co-founder of the Community Water Center, an environmental justice organization that is actively involved in the state-wide clean drinking water initiative, and the proponent of the State’s Human Right to Water policy and water tax legislation.  EMWD has had the opportunity to work directly with both of these individuals in their roles in Washington D.C. and in Sacramento, respectively.


IV.                            Operational Highlights


a.      Potable Water Production and Demands:  Water consumption was at 55 MGD.  The potable supply blend was 14 percent from potable wells, 12 percent from the Desalters, 17 percent from imported raw water treated at EMWD's plants, and 57 percent from imported, treated water.


b.      Water Filtration Facilities:  The Perris Water Filtration Plant (PWFP) produced 6.5 MGD.  The Hemet Water Filtration Plant (HWFP) produced 3 MGD.


c.       Menifee and Perris I Desalters:  The Menifee and Perris I Desalters produced 6.8 MGD.


d.      Recycled Water:  The average daily demands were less than 1 MGD due to the rainy and cool weather. Tertiary recycled water storage is 6,141 acre-feet, or 88 percent of total capacity. Staff continues to discharge 45 MGD and to date has discharged 1,900 acre-feet of tertiary effluent.


e.      Wastewater Treatment Facilities:  All four regional water reclamation facilities (RWRFs) met their water quality objectives for the past week treating a total daily average of 47.4 MG.


f.        Wastewater Collections Department:  Collections crews cleaned 19.2 miles of sewer line this past week.


V.                  Upcoming Meetings


a.      2/19/19:              Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (Sullivan)

b.      2/21/19:              Executive Committee (Slawson/Sullivan)

c.       2/21/19:              Delta Conveyance Financing Authority (Record)

d.      2/21/19:              Special Districts Association - Riverside (Paule)

e.      2/21/19:              MWDOC Water Policy Forum (Sullivan/Paule)

f.        2/22/19:              Riverside County Water Task Force (Paule/Sullivan)



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