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Approve and Authorize the Water Supply Assessment for Kaiser Permanente Moreno Valley Medical Center


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Senate Bills 610 (Chapter 643, Statutes of 2001) and Senate Bill 221 (Chapter 642, Statutes of 2001) amended state law, effective January 1, 2002, to require Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) to respond to requests for a statement that adequate water supplies are or will be available to meet the water demands associated with proposed land development.  Senate Bill 610 focuses on the content of a water supply agency’s Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) and stipulates that when an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is required in connection with a project, the appropriate water supply agency must provide an assessment (Exhibit A) of whether its total projected water supplies will meet the projected water demands associated with the proposed project.  Senate Bill 221 also requires water supply verification when a tentative map, parcel map, or development agreement for a project is submitted to a land use agency for approval.  Senate Bill 221 applies to proposed residential development of more than 500 dwelling units with some exceptions.  Senate Bill 610 applies to a proposed residential development of more than 500 dwelling units, or large commercial, industrial, or mixed-use development.


The City of Moreno Valley is the lead agency for the preparation of an EIR pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Public Resources Code Section 21000, and et seq. for the Kaiser Permanente Moreno Valley Medical Center (Proposed Project).  The Proposed Project is located entirely within the City of Moreno Valley and is bounded by Cactus Street to the far north, Oliver Street to the east, Nason Street to the west, and Iris Avenue to the south.  The Proposed Project site is approximately 30 acres in size and consists of a Central Utility Plant (CUP) of approximately 28,100 square feet, four patient bed towers, a Diagnostics and Treatment Center (D&T), an Emergency Department totaling 458 beds and 850,000 square feet, and three parking structures with a total of 2,550 parking stalls.  The estimated annual demand for the Proposed Project is 318 acre-feet (AF).

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Water Supply Diversity and Reliability: Develop and implement a portfolio of projects and management techniques to achieve a reliable and cost-effective balance of water supplies utilizing imported, local and recycled water sources.





Approve and authorize the Water Supply Assessment for the Kaiser Permanente Moreno Valley Medical Center in accordance with the provisions of Senate Bill 610 and Senate Bill 221.

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Feb 20, 2019 9:00 AM  Board of Directors Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Philip E. Paule, Vice President
SECONDER:Stephen J. Corona, Board Member
YES:Ronald W. Sullivan, Philip E. Paule, Stephen J. Corona, David J. Slawson
ABSENT:Randy A. Record