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Approve and Authorize the Transfer of Unclaimed Monies to the District's General Fund


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The District has accumulated unclaimed money as a result of customer refunds relating to the closing of water accounts, customer-related conservation rebates and utility/construction guarantees.  These amounts remain outstanding due to being returned undeliverable without a forwarding address, business closing, filing bankruptcies, or for various other reasons.


Sections 50050-50056 of the California Government Code allows the District to make unclaimed money available for general use after remaining on the District’s books for a period of three years or more.  It has been the District’s practice to follow these Government Code sections and staff is planning to transfer the unclaimed money of the individuals and business entities listed in Exhibit A to the District’s General Fund.  A total of $28,834.11, has remained unclaimed on the District’s books since December 31, 2015.


The California Government Code also specifies that before a transfer to general use can take place, the District’s Board of Directors must authorize the transfer and appropriate notice must be given in a local newspaper.  The required notices to the public were published in the Press Enterprise newspaper on November 20, 2018, and again on November 26, 2018.  Claimants had 45 days from the November 19 publication date to file a verifiable claim.  There has been no claims received to date from the required notices, it has been the District’s practice to remit amounts for verified claims even after the transfer to general use occurs.


Additional steps performed by District staff to locate these individuals and business entities include:

·         Researched payees using the COINS billing system for possible updated contact information or to verify if the payee is a current customer.  If the payee was found to be a current customer, the refund amount was applied to their account and is not included on the attached Exhibit.


·         On a semi-annual basis, published the current unclaimed money listing to the EMWD website.  In addition, posted updates to the District’s Facebook and Twitter websites directing the reader to the EMWD website.


·         Searched the online yellow pages for possible updated business contact information.


·         Searched the online California Business Portal and Contractors State License Board websites for possible updated listings.


Financial/Strat Plan/Enviro





Ensure financial stability and demonstrate responsible stewardship of public funds.





Approve and authorize the transfer of unclaimed monies totaling $28,834.11 to the District’s General Fund for amounts remaining unclaimed since Calendar Year 2015.

Meeting History

Jan 3, 2019 4:00 PM  Board Administrative Committee Regular Meeting
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Jan 16, 2019 9:00 AM  Board of Directors Regular Meeting
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MOVER:David J. Slawson, President
SECONDER:Randy A. Record, Board Member
YES:Stephen J. Corona, David J. Slawson, Ronald W. Sullivan, Philip E. Paule, Randy A. Record